Kretek are cigarettes made with a blend of tobacco, cloves and other flavours. This clove-infused cigarette was created in the town of Kudus, Central Java, in the late nineteenth century. What was once a small-scale cottage industry has grown over the course of more than 100 years into one of the largest contributors to the Indonesian economy, second only to oil and gas.

“Harum, Gurih, Nikmat”

To enhance the roundness of your klobot or to improve the aftertaste of your SKM or to add the finishing touch to your SKT, TAIGA International can help you in selecting out of our vast range of kretek flavours:

  • Burley & Virginia enhancers
  • Temanggung boosters & Weleri improvers
  • Spice, Fruit & Tipping flavours
  • Special ingredients